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Water Glow Sleeping Mask

1What is a sleeping mask?
A sleeping mask works similarly to a normal face mask, except that you leave it on overnight Sleep masks are packed with active ingredients that can target specific skincare concerns like anti-aging, brightening, moisturizing, or fighting breakouts.
2Do we need the water glow sleeping mask?
While your moisturizer provides your daily dose of skin hydration, the water glow sleeping masks boost your skin hydration overnight.
3What is main benefit of this product?
Our sleeping mask deeply drenches your skin with hydration that will last up to 72 hours and promotes the absorption of active substances into the skin.
4Is sleeping mask a moisturizer?
Basically, sleeping masks do what your average moisturizer cannot. A standard moisturizer is usually a lotion or cream, which feels clutch for nourishing parched skin, but the gel-like consistency of most overnight masks helps actives penetrate more deeply and efficiently
5How often should I apply this sleeping mask?
This mask actually acts as an ―emergency beauty treatment‖, and can be used once or twice a week. Because of their potency, sleeping mask is not recommended for everyday usage. Overuse of masks can actually cause it to lose its efficacy.
6How do I use this?
Smooth onto face before bed either alone and allow to sink in overnight. Do not over rub to make it even and leave it overnight. Do not wash it off.
7Is the sleeping mask suitable for sensitive skin?
Our sleeping mask is a lovely overnight mask that leaves your skin feeling hydrated and bright in the morning. It has a lovely scent and soaks nicely into the skin. It is non-sticky and very lightweight therefore you should not worry about any irritation.
8What is difference between a sleeping mask and a night cream?
Sleeping masks are designed for overnight hydration and for reinforcing the skincare routine, night cream, on the other hand, provides a nightly dose of hydration, for moisturising and nourishing dry skin.
9How long the sleeping mask does lasts?
4 weeks with moderate usage.
10I’m pregnant, can I use this product?
Yes! There should be no problem.
11Is it suitable for sensitive skin?
Yes dear. Our products do not contain any harsh chemicals therefore it will not give you any irritations. It‘s also suitable for all skin type.


  1. Tachelladevi says:

    I’ve been using this water glow sleeping mask for 1 week plus and im in love with it. It keeps my skin hydrated, less oily and my face looks glowy and healthy.
    Thank you Shila Herbals.

  2. Jegathiswary Shanmuganathan says:

    I love all of the shila products. especially water glow sleeping mask. Because my skin is getting better than before.

  3. Thanasrie says:

    I Love Shila Sleeping Mask.. This was a really “Great product”.. This is my first sleeping mask, I simply loved the texture ,it is so light on the skin. You can get a glowing skin next day itself..

  4. Kalai Arasih Ramachandiran says:

    I really love this waterglow sleeping mask! I have dry skin issue and using this everyday moiturizes my face soo much! Love it!

  5. Dahshni Krishnan says:

    I love this sleep mask because it’s keep my skin smooth and soft.

  6. Puvaneswari Asokan says:

    Using this for past three weeks and really loving it. This water glow sleeping mask hydrate well my dry skin and leaving moisturize always. It gives glow to my face too.

  7. Visaletchumy Shan says:

    I have been using this for a week now and I can see the changes. My face looks healthier and moisturized, this mask makes me feel so fresh before sleeping and feels natural in the morning. Love this sleeping mask.

  8. Tashini Ravi says:

    Im using shila water glow sleeping mask since last 1 week until now, seriously my face in morning looking good and glowing. During the night time it make my face so cooling and softer. Highly recommended.

  9. Kogila A/P Govindasamy says:

    I have to thank shila herbal for this very effective sleeping mask…my face usually feel dry after wake-up from sleep…this sleeping mask has made my skin feel so soft and have a cool effect on my face. To be honest i feel so comfortable to sleep and had a great sleep after apply this sleeping mask . A gentle massage on my face with Shila sleeping mask before sleeping just made my day always. LOVE IT SHILA!!!

  10. Shasmita Lakshmi Murualikaran says:

    I usually use this before I sleep twice or thrice a day🥰 When I wake up morning my face look very glow and fresh😍💕

  11. Mahalecumi says:

    I really love it to using this product because it’s makes my skin soft and bright.

  12. Keerthiga Prabagaran says:

    I love this sleeping mask because it really gives the glowy and radiant look when i wakes up in the morning and i feel like my skin is getting better day by day by using this sleeping mask.

  13. Rekha Vejayan says:

    I love this glow sleeping mask because it help my face stay glow…

  14. Nishanantihini Subramaniam says:

    It’s really help hydrate my the skin and makes my skin smoothen and soften. Thank you shilaherbals.


    I would exactly love this product since I have been used past few weeks 😍 it’s really makes my skin glowing,softens after I applied it and I felt super fresh on my face in the next morning.

  16. Mekitha says:

    I have been using this water glow sleeping mask and feel the difference in just 1 week time


    Very nice smell. Softening the skin

  18. Menaga krishna younee says:

    I love this water glow sleeping mask”This one is a great product! I used this one for almost one weeks I guess and it really did make my skin glow and moisturized..

  19. Thebah malar says:

    I Love This Sleeping Mask Alot 😍
    It Makes Me Get Up With A Glow And A Moist Skin 🔥💯❤😍 I Need This Always..Thx Alot Shila Herbals For This Great Water Glowing Sleeping Mask 😌❤

  20. Dharsini Thevar says:

    I really love this sleeping mask …. I have improved in my skins condition and also my dark circle it’s really made skin tone brighter and smoother really love it 🥰

  21. Monisha says:

    Actually my skin is oily type, out of nowhere it got to get very dried. So i apply this mask. And seriously i was so surprised after 2 days of application. My skin became so glowy and soft. I just simply felt that in shortest time. It also has a very pleasant smell. Love it so much.😍😘

  22. Pavitra says:

    My most favorite is water glow sleeping mask because my face looks fresh and glowing.i love it❤️

  23. Pauline James says:

    I love it. The texture is pleasant, the aroma is wonderful. It takes only small dose to apply all over the face. I was afraid that it will leave marks on my pillowcases, but nothing. In the morning the skin looks rested , soft and glowing. I used it as a mask, not a peeling. Love it

  24. Shasmithapriiya Ravichandran says:

    I loved using water glow sleeping mask because I want you to know that I’m are very pleased with the quality of the product is amazing. It left my skin moist and soft in the morning and it also helping reduce my old scar on my face.

  25. Lilisa Rajagopal says:

    About two weeks past,I had been using Shila water glow sleeping mask before hit into the bed. And to surprisingly my skin started to glow in daylight and moonlight.Then , it’s hydrate my dry skin. Thanks a million to the founder of Shila Herbals products to produced a vegan and parable free.

  26. Karishma Thillinadan says:

    This sleeping mask has made such a big difference to my complexion and the surface of my skin. I wake up feeling absolutely amazing and moisturized every morning and that’s all thanks to the sleeping mask.

  27. Bavani Ausuvalingam says:

    This sleeping mask is a sure winner as it does exactly what it claims. I’m loving it for the lightweight texture & it keeps my skin hydrated all night.

  28. Pauline James says:

    I love it. The texture is pleasant, the aroma is wonderful. It takes only small dose to apply all over the face. I was afraid that it will leave marks on my pillowcases, but nothing. In the morning the skin looks rested and glowing. I used it as a mask, not a peeling.

  29. Kalaichelvi Selvadurai says:

    I love this water glowing sleeping mask because my skin looks glow in the morning and for whole day

  30. Esha says:

    I love this sleeping mask because it really makes my face glow and makes my skin soft. Thank you Shila💜

  31. Yogaranee says:

    I love it the water glow sleeping mask, can see different on my face thank you to Shile herbals.

  32. Ezhilarasi A/P Muniandi says:

    My skin really feel glowing..love this product

  33. Raveena Preetha says:

    Very nice product n im loving it. Its really good for dry skin

  34. Prithinah Nadarajah says:

    Actually I’m using this water glow sleeping mask for past 2 weeks.. It really amazing product because it moisturises my skin and hydrated my skin as well .. Sometimes I will get lazy a bit to take a skin care routine at night . but this is easy way to apply before we go to sleep. And not wait for some minutes to wash off the face … It is just apply and sleep ..It Prevent water loss .. and it also smoothens and soften my skin. When I wake up in the morning, it makes me fresh and my skin will glow. Moreover, This product promoted young looking to my skin. I just love to use all the shila product . thank you so much .. And I love it ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  35. Sandhya says:

    This mask helps my face to stay hydrated and after using this product my face have less pimples

  36. Umadevi says:

    I seriously in love with this water glow sleeping mask. This product make my skin glow and my skin bcm more soften. My dry skin problem was ripped off after I started to use water glow sleeping mask. To be honest this is the best product I’ve been used before.

  37. Marita Amon Re says:

    I love water glow mask Cause it’s make my face smooth and moisturizing 🥰

  38. Meera A/P Chandrasagam says:

    I love the water glow sleeping mask as it moisturize and smoothens my face. Im using it almost 1 week and I can see my face glowing in the morning. Highly recommended!❤


    Before this, I gt used beloved skin care.. it makes my face very dull and dry!!!! but wen am apply water glow sleeping mask its so soft and smooth…. am interest to buy full set of shila herbals..

  40. Rishaalini Krishnan says:

    I love sleeping mask as it has enhanced my skin for better. I used to have dry skin and now with sleeping mask, it is very much hydrated and smoother.


    before, this I gt used beloved skin care.. it makes my face very dull and dry!!!! but wen am apply water glow sleeping mask its so soft and smooth…. am interest to buy full set of shila herbals..

  42. Diviyasini A/P Clement says:

    The sleeping mask helps my face look more fresh in the morning and it’s so cooling. My face is not oily anymore in the morning after using it every night.

  43. Gaayethry Gunaseelan says:

    I really love the Water Glow Mask as it makes my face glowing and fresh when i wake up. Much love for Shila Herbals 💕 #HerbalMeetsScience

  44. S. Praba says:

    “Past two weeks, I used this water glow sleeping mask.. This is such a amazing product😍 because it’s keeping my skin moisturizer, smoothens and softens. I love it.

  45. Kanageswari Selva says:

    I love sleeping mask because it’s hydrate our skin and glow.

  46. Rupini Aparau says:

    I love Shila’s sleeping mask, because of the smell 1st.. Its makes me relaxed my mind.. Secondly I love how its helps me to stay hydrates my skin when I faced tired day under the sun all day long. Sometimes I couldn’t have proper sleep so I had eye bag but this sleeping mask help me to reduce my we ingles n eye bag..

  47. Sarasvathy moorthy says:

    I love sleeping mask because it’s hydrated our skin and glow

  48. Reshu says:

    I love the Sleeping mask. It smells so good. It makes my skin so soft. Also, it hydrates my skin. I love it.

  49. kalaivani says:

    I love this water glow sleeping mask because I actually didn’t know we should apply sleeping mask before bed till this product came,I love the glow it gives to my skin right after applying it,also next morning after i wake,my skin still feel super fresh and glowing

  50. Kanagha Barathithasan says:

    I love this sleeping mask because it’s help my skin glowing and fresh


    I’m so in love with this White Glow Sleeping Mask as it helps to hydrate my skin over night and I feel very fresh when I wake up in the Morning as I can feel the smoothness of my skin and that leads a happy day to me.

  52. Vidhiya Muraly says:

    Hye, I’m using this product since 2 weeks… I’m apply it before go to bed… Will let it substance into skin full night & will wash out next morning… Once I wake up in the morning my skin will look glowing & feel smooth. No more dry skin😍. I’m really happy with Shila Water Glow Sleeping Mask… The precious product that I have… Tq Shila❤️

  53. Thanuja Davu Dars says:

    Love this water glow sleeping mask because I feel my skin fresh and soft. I believe and experience that having soft and fresh skin after wake up will make our day.

  54. Merosha says:

    I’m totally in love with this sleeping mask as it have amazing smell and light texture which make my skin gain good moisturization 😍😍

  55. Hamshavaany Asokan says:

    I’ve been using it for few days.. I can see the difference.. my face acne is reducing and my face also glowing..


    “love on it”A sleeping mask, like its name suggests, is a topical skincare product created to be left on overnight while im sleeping.“It is excellent in providing deep moisture and is often paired with antioxidants to leave skin radiant and fresh in the morning,im realy love this product thank you shila

  57. Bhavani says:

    Water glow sleeping mask, it really has breathed new life into my skin. Its light, creamy consistency instantly refreshes and hydrates and has left me with softer, more radiant skin. It’s quickly become a new staple in my nighttime routine.

  58. Bhanupriya Lingam says:

    I love this product


    I have been using the water glow sleeping mask and feel the difference in just 1 week and get brightening also.
    Shila Products it’s good products and quality also,I love it❤


    I have been using the water glow sleeping mask and feel the difference in just 1 week and get brightening also.The Shila is good products and quality. Most love it.

  61. Anjhaly says:

    I have start using this face mask past two weeks and seen difference in my skin . I applied this mask daily before sleep and start feel my skin become soft and looked fresh the next day .Love this product😍

  62. Danica Deveany says:

    I love this sleeping mask as my skin is very dry on a daily basis. With the sleeping mask I don’t need to worry about my skin being so dry when I wake up in the morning. It really locks in the hydration.

  63. Sivaraajini Muthusamy says:

    I love this water glow sleeping mask because it’s give smoothness to my skin and moisture to my dry skin. Really awesome. Thank you shila cosmetic.

  64. Kirrthaana d/o Muthusamy says:

    My favorite masking routine is ‘Shila Sleeping Mask’ which make my skin more glow to glow 😍🤍🍃
    That’s why I love it co much ❤️
    from @shilaherbals_hq

    A sleeping water mask as it’s pack with hydration properties which makes you get up with moist skin- ✨
    And I feel ofc you will look lyk WOW! 🤩 with the very good and awesome product from Shila Herbals just like me. 😘🍃

    Lastly, loves… I really happy with using those products from Shila Herbals so I suggest you to check out for more information and shippings to grab your travel kit set which happening now! And stay glow and shine forever. Thank You my ever time fav and very good products which is made in naturally ingredients Herbals.



  65. Nanthani Rajendra says:

    Water glow Sleeping mask helps to reduce dark circles under my eyes and make my face glowing!! I love this products.

  66. Harshini a/p k.murugan says:

    Water glow sleeping mask best in glowing the skin,and I can see the changes after apply it on my skin 🤩 #trythetrue

  67. Pathma Khrisnamoorthy says:

    I am very much in love with Shila’s sleeping mask. It help to rejuvenate my skin after a long hectic day at work. My skin is very soft and glows when i wake up in the morning. Thank you Shila for this amazing sleeping mask.